3 Damaging Fat Loss Myths (and what to do instead)

We hear them all of the time. Or we read them in popular health and fitness magazines. Often it’s touted as the latest and greatest way to shed the fat and shed it fast. I hear it a lot at the gym I work at too…do X and you will lose the fat!


There are so many myths about fat loss out there. More than I can cover in one blog post. In fact, I could probably take up an entire month just covering various myths if I really wanted too. But the minute I feel like I have covered them all, a slew of new ones will surface.


Because that is how the majority of the fitness industry works. Getting you hooked on the latest trend with the hope that you’ll buy into their products and/or services that they are offering.


Avoiding carbs? Have this low-carb bread instead! Don’t eat fruit because of the sugar but have this bar that is “sugar” free instead. Make sure you fill up all of these containers with your 6-8 meals a day and eat them every 2-3hrs while keeping them stored in our fancy cooler (side note, I have one of these fancy coolers, and it’s great for when I’m working a 12hr day at the gym and want to keep the food I bring with me cold).

Carbs will make you fat

No. Excess calories will cause you to gain weight. It doesn’t matter if these calories come from carbs, fat, protein, or alcohol. So why the vilification of carbs? We live in a society that tends to consume a LOT more than we need too when it comes to carbs. Since people love the all-or-nothing approach, the notion of going “carb free” to lose weight gained popularity.

Our body needs carbs for energy and many foods that are considered carbohydrates are rich in essential vitamins, nutrients, and dietary fibre.  Where we can get into trouble is the amount of processed, simple carbs we are having versus whole, complex, fibre-rich carbs. Foods like pastries and white bread…likely not going to help us all that much. But foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains? There is definitely a place for them in our diet.

When it comes to consuming carbs, focus more on filling your plate with vegetables and protein. If you think of your plate as being separated into 4 sections, the goal is to aim for half vegetables, 1/4 protein, 1/8 starches or carbs, and the last 1/8 dietary fat (see the Precision Nutrition plate here).

There are different kinds of sugar

When it comes down to the basic chemical structure, all sugar is the same. The sugar from fruit is the same as the white table sugar that we are told to stay away from. So is there a difference between the two? You bet there is. There is a TON of other good stuff we get from fruit (antioxidants, vitamins, minerals).

Eat more fruit and less of the processed, sugary foods when you are craving something sweet.

Eating more often will speed up your metabolism

In April 2010, a study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition and it was titled this: “Increased meal frequency does not promote greater weight loss in subjects who were prescribed an 8-week equi-energetic energy-restricted diet.”

What does this mean? It means that subjects who ate more frequent meals throughout the day did not see any difference in weight-loss compared to those who ate 3 meals a day.

If eating every 2-3hrs is something that works for you, then keep doing it! But don’t feel like you HAVE too.


Any other fat loss myths you can think of that you’d like to explore more? Shoot me an email to info@melissastaddon.com and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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