5 Tips For Eating At Restaurants

Has this ever happened to you?

You made a meal plan for the week and you’ve made it to Friday without veering off track. You’ve made it to your workouts and you’re feeling like you’re finally getting into the groove of eating healthier.

And then the boss sends out an email inviting you and your colleagues out for a dinner to congratulate the team on a successful couple of months. And it’s at a new restaurant that you’ve never been too.

Shit…now what? This dinner isn’t according to plan…and there is this feeling of low grade anxiety as the time for dinner edges closer. You want to be able to enjoy yourself, but you don’t want to throw off all of the progress you’ve made in the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been there. I’ve gone to a restaurant with the mindset that I was just going to eat protein and veggies…and then I encounter FOMO and end up eating an appetizer, a main, AND a dessert. Not what I intended to do…

I’ve also been at the point where I would say no to social engagements that involved food, and the only reason was because I didn’t want to eat anything that was “off plan.”

I don’t want that for you. I want you to be able to go out for dinners and events with food and feel confident that you can navigate it with ease.

And to help get you started, I’ve got 5 tips that you can use whenever you are eating out at a restaurant.

Focus on the veggies first

When your plate comes, focus on eating the veggies first to help fill you up. This is especially a good tactic if you have gone some time in between meals – maybe it took a while for the food to come to your table?

Eat slowly

You’re likely at the restaurant with people you can hold a conversation with. So do that! Put down your fork and don’t focus on just the food. Focus on the conversation.

Don’t deprive yourself the rest of the day

Eat the way you normally would throughout the day. Don’t deprive yourself. If you try to “save” all of your meals for dinner, you can be more likely to make decisions based on hunger and not what you actually want.

Opt for a side salad if having a carb-heavy main

Having a burger for dinner? Get the salad instead of the fries. Having steak with potatoes and you can get another side? Opt for the veggies versus rice.

Relax and enjoy

This isn’t the first time you’ve eaten at a restaurant. And it won’t be the last. Avoid the FOMO (fear of missing out) attitude when it comes to this and you’re much more likely to avoid the need to eat everything that comes your way.

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