5 Ways To Have a Stress-Free Vacation

If you follow my Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram…chances are you know I’m going to California/Las Vegas/Grand Canyon on Wednesday. I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!!!


…and had this been a year ago, I also would be OVERWHELMED with stress! I’d be freaking out over all of the little things I needed to done before we left. I’d be worried that our dog sitters would cancel last minute (although I know that saving a crisis, they so would not do something like that), I’d worry that there would be a winter storm and the plane wouldn’t take off. I’d worry that we’d get stopped/prevented from travelling. I’d worry that one of us would get sick and not be able to go.


Seriously…the list of things I’d worry about would be endless. If there was even the tiniest possibility that it could be worried about and stressed over…I was thinking it.


I used to have this need that everything needed to be planned out, down to the details of what we were doing once we got there.




No wonder I’ve barely traveled…I’d have given myself a heart attack!


I’m such a planner. I know this. My Notes App on my phone has multiple to-do lists of varying levels of detail. The TRIP to-do list has always remained the shortest one, and that was on purpose. Were there little things that needed to get done? Hell yes. Call the CC company, confirm flights/hotels, do any last minute shopping…but honestly. That was pretty much it. I’ll do some cleaning since people will be staying at our house, but it won’t be perfect. And that’s okay.
Here are 5 other things I’ve done/am doing to ensure that this vacation is as stress-free as possible.


Don’t expect perfection

Things are going to happen. If 2015/2016 taught me anything, it’s that life happens when you least expect it. At one point, there will be a hiccup, and that’s okay. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be an adventure, and that’s exactly how I’m approaching it.


Recognize what’s in your control

And you know what? That isn’t much. The flights might get delayed, the car rental might be a pain, we might (very likely) get lost, we may even get sick. While not ideal, NONE of these are in our control. How I choose to handle these situations if they come up, that’s in my control. So will I panic if we miss a flight? Perhaps momentarily, but you know what? There is always a solution.


Plan to come back on a Friday

This is how I’m planning ALL of my vacations now if I have to go back to work on Monday. Getting back for 8pm on Friday night leaves us the rest of the weekend to get reacquainted with home and our routine. It gives us time to rest and prepare for the week ahead. I won’t be coming back on Sunday night stressing out about work the next day. Saturday will be CHILL!


Don’t plan every minute

Surprisingly, this was pretty hard! I mean, this is my FIRST trip to the West Coast of the US! I wanted to do EVERYTHING. But, that’s not possible…obviously. So, we picked and chose, dropped things, added things, put things as “maybes” and put other things on a list for our next trip. Because this isn’t going to be the only trip we make 🙂


Don’t be too reachable

“If you’re worrying about what you’re missing, you’re missing the moment.” I’m going to take a gazillion pictures and share some special moments on IG Stories and Facebook, but I’m going to scale my social media and texting back a LOT for this trip. This is the first big trip that Nick and I have taken together and I want to soak up and enjoy as many moments as I can. Time on my phone is going to be limited, short, and to the point.


These 5 strategies have made this trip more relaxing and stress-free already…and we haven’t even left yet!


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