5 Ways To Survive Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away, and for many of us that means getting dressed up, likely going to a party (or two), and candy…lots and lots of tiny candy.

If I’m honest, I don’t really care much for Halloween. I don’t particularly like getting dressed up and I’m not the biggest fan of being spooked so I don’t watch many horror movies or shows.

But the candy and chocolate? Definitely a fan of that. And they were so tiny…you could eat multiple ones and not feel guilty, right?

Well, that was how I used to look at Halloween candy. And before I knew it, there was a pile of empty mini wrappers beside me and I pretty much at the equivalent of a full bar, if not more. So much for that…but time and time again I fell for that trick.

It wasn’t until I started looking at Halloween as just another day that I was able to start shifting my mindset and changing my behaviours surrounding it. I wasn’t constantly craving this kind of candy and chocolate any other time of year, so why the sudden increase just because there happens to be mini versions of it everywhere I look?

Truthfully, the visual does have something to do with it. The old adage of out of sight, out of mind does hold some truth. I don’t often have any sort of chocolate or candy in my house. If I do, it’s usually a fancier dark chocolate bar that I won’t eat all at once. I don’t typically go down the grocery store aisles that include this kind of stuff so it’s not something I see very much.

Until it becomes time to start selling Halloween candy…then it’s everywhere. The minute I walk into the grocery store, it’s at the front. It’s in the middle of the aisles, it’s being offered at work in little ceramic dishes. It’s everywhere. And if we are already trying to adjust to eating healthier, the temptation is going to be there a lot more than usual.

While I do look at Halloween as any other day, seeing that kind of food everywhere does tempt me still, just not quite as much as it used too. But if I’ve had a long day, am stressed out, etc., it can be hard to turn the other way. Especially if kids are involved and there is some at the house even AFTER Halloween.

5 Tips to Survive Halloween

Have some candy

Take a piece, walk away. Eat it slowly and enjoy it for what it is, a small piece of something you enjoy, but that you don’t need to eat a lot of. Depriving yourself and trying to get through the season with white knuckled determination is only going to result in exhaustion and eventually caving. Not only that, but your willpower will likely be so exhausted by that point that you’ll have way more than you would have had you had the one piece earlier.

Be mindful of your triggers

Is there one type of chocolate/candy that you simply can’t get enough of? Then just don’t bring it into the house. I adore anything that has peanut butter and chocolate…having just one peanut butter cup is a huge challenge for me, and I know this about myself. So if I buy Halloween candy, I try to avoid buying one with that in it.

Give it away

If, at the end of the night, there is still some candy leftover and you know you’ll struggle with not eating it all, then give it away. Plain and simple. Bring it into the office and leave it in the staff kitchen, and I guarantee it’ll be gone within the day.

Wait to buy candy

We all know that Halloween candy starts being stocked on the shelves before school even starts, and in all the years I’ve been paying attention to the grocery store, they have never run out. There is a reason there is so much left that is offered at 50% off the day after Halloween.

You do not need to buy it early. That just further adds to the temptation of it being in the house when there is no reason for it. Wait until the day before or as close to that as possible to bring it into the house. No need for it to be any earlier!

Have something else to do

Are you the one at home giving out the candy? It feels pretty easy to just pick at it while you are waiting for the doorbell to ring, doesn’t it? Have something else close by to keep you busy. A puzzle on the iPad, a book to read, some knitting…something that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but just haven’t “found the time.”


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