Who is Melissa Staddon?

I am an only child, an introverted Leo with a love for spontaneous adventures, hot coffee, and early mornings. Reading a good book, getting lost in a puzzle, and spending quality time with friends and family are just a few of my favourite things.  I have a bouncy, playful pit bull and a grumpy but lovable cat.

I have a soft spot for red wine, a good cider, and anything dark chocolate. One bowl meals and delicious smoothies are my go-to’s for convenience and nutrition.I don’t calorie count, macro count, or put emphasis on that number on the scale. But I used to. A LOT. I’ve been on almost every diet you can think of. My only goal now is to move my body everyday, love my body everyday, and embrace where I’m at right now.

I’ve learned to embrace the messy and the uncomfortable. I seek out uncomfortable situations for myself because that is where growth and change happens. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, raise my voice when I’m feeling passionate about something, and stand up for my values and beliefs.

I believe in the power of honest conversations, even when it’s hard. I won’t claim to know all the answers, but I will always be authentically me. My writing won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, because that’s not what my life is. Life can be hard, it can be messy, but it is always beautiful.

Lifting heavy weights is my favourite form of self-care. I lift to feel empowered, to feel strong, and to own my presence. I take up space and I refuse to be small.

Professional Bio

Melissa has always been passionate about helping women overcome barriers preventing them from living their best life. With a BA (Hons) in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Educational Counselling, helping others is something that comes naturally to Melissa. 

With a love for health and fitness, Melissa became a certified personal trainer in 2015 and has trained hundreds of clients both in-person and online to help them lose fat, gain muscle, and improve their mobility and flexibility. To further support this, she has recently completed her Level 1 certification with Precision Nutrition.

She launched her website in early 2016 and has primarily focused her writing on fitness, nutrition, mindset, and self-care.