Are We Going Too Far The Other Way with Self-Improvement?

A friend of mine on Facebook recently linked to this great article by the New Yorker that I ended up sharing on my own feed. It struck a chord with me. Anyone that knows me well knows that self-care and self-improvement are my jam. I believe in it, I am passionate about it, and I […]

How I (Almost) Instantly Changed My Bad Mood Around

We all have our bad days. Whether it be due to external or internal reasons, there are just certain days where, from the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep, the day has just been garbage. It can sometimes be a few big things that just throw everything off. Our partner is […]

Reflections on 2017

As December comes closer to its end… I find myself in a similar spot. Wanting to reflect on the year that has passed (especially this year), but not quite certain where to even begin. The logical planner in me wants to start right back at January and work from there, but that seems too rigid. […]

6 Subtle Ways You’re Engaging in Self-Sabotage

I think most of us can agree that one of the common goals of humanity is to be best version of ourselves that we can be. We want to contribute in a meaningful way to this crazy thing called life. We want to have a positive impact on others. We want to leave a legacy […]

How I Discovered What I Truly Need

I’ve done a lot of introspection work lately. Well, truthfully, this is something I have been working on for years, but it’s only in the past 6 months or so that I’ve really started making it more of a priority. I’ve switched my 6-day a week early morning gym session for a combination of gym, […]

Is Alone Really Such A Bad Thing?

What do you think of when you think of the word lonely? Loneliness is often considered a negative feeling. It’s one of the many reasons why social media, texting, etc. are as popular and prolific as they are…it allows us to not feel lonely. Even as I sit at this coffee shop writing this blog […]

Holiday Party Season Is Coming…

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Whether it’s work, your partner’s work, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, events held in your city/town, etc. etc., the social calendar starts to fill up pretty quickly. When I did a google search on “tips for surviving holiday parties” the majority of the articles focused on diet and alcohol. And you […]

5 Tips For Eating At Restaurants

Has this ever happened to you? You made a meal plan for the week and you’ve made it to Friday without veering off track. You’ve made it to your workouts and you’re feeling like you’re finally getting into the groove of eating healthier. And then the boss sends out an email inviting you and your […]

Resentment Is 50% Our Fault

I am a recovering people pleaser. True story, I used to buy my classmates bags of chips and candy from the school cafeteria in an attempt to get them to like me more. I laugh about it now, but thinking back, my understanding of personal boundaries was non-existent for the better part of my youth […]