5 Ways To Survive Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away, and for many of us that means getting dressed up, likely going to a party (or two), and candy…lots and lots of tiny candy. If I’m honest, I don’t really care much for Halloween. I don’t particularly like getting dressed up and I’m not the biggest fan of […]

3 Tactics That Changed The Way I Manage Anxiety

Disclaimer: I am not a registered practitioner and thus the following content should be used for general information purposes only. The content is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a medical professional if you feel you may be struggling to cope with anxiety or any other mental […]

Do You Trust Yourself?

Trust, at least when it comes to others, is one of those things that can be difficult to build and extremely easy to lose. But can the same be said for self-trust, that is, in the trust we have in ourselves? “Self-trust is the first secret to success.” – Emerson It’s been said that self-trust […]

I Once Finished A Subway Sub in 5min…

My name is Melissa, and I’m a fast eater. Like, ridiculously fast. The title of this blog is the truth. I really did eat a subway sub in about 5min. I didn’t realize it was that fast until I called my mom after I had finished. I had been on the phone with her just […]

Saying Goodbye To Powerlifting (But Hopefully Just For Now)

I’ve written about my chronic back injury before. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for years. I’m talking over a decade…I honestly first injured it while I was folding laundry back in 2004. Folding…clothes… (insert rolling eyes emoji here) Here we are, 13 years later and we finally have a diagnosis. If you were to […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Empathy (and How To Get Better At It)

Empathy is a wonderful thing. It allows us to feel more connected to those around us. It is quite literally the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Can’t get much more connected than that.   For decades, scientists thought that we were self-interested beings. That we only went after our own needs […]

Move Your Butt – 4 Ways to Get Started When You Just Don’t Want Too

Our motivation is an exhaustible resource. We all know that we aren’t motivated all of the time. In fact, motivation is often the thing that fails us first. So relying on it to keep us going won’t get us very far. The minute our motivation wavers, we’ll give up. And our motivation will waver for […]

3 Damaging Fat Loss Myths (and what to do instead)

We hear them all of the time. Or we read them in popular health and fitness magazines. Often it’s touted as the latest and greatest way to shed the fat and shed it fast. I hear it a lot at the gym I work at too…do X and you will lose the fat!   There […]

My New Perspective on Work/Life Balance

We often hear of this pursuit of the ultimate work/life balance. The concept of making sure we are not burning the candle at both ends, and putting the “right” amount of effort into each area of our lives so that we have this feeling of being balanced in our lives.   I pursued it. I […]

3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Damn Head

If you’ve been following my sporadic social media updates as of late, you know that there have been a LOT of recent changes in my life. New relationship status New place to call home New living situation New job Suffice to say, just getting through this past couple of months has been a bit of […]