Want to be ready for summer? Try these 4 things!

I cannot WAIT for summer to be here.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some major cabin fever going on. I am looking forward to the day when I can leave the house WITHOUT having to wear multiple layers of clothing.


If I’m completely honest, I need the warmer to weather to get here soon. This winter has thrown me through the ringer physically and emotionally, and I’m ready for it be DONE. I can be patient, and March is definitely one of those months where the weather can fluctuate like crazy, but this year has been a bit ridiculous. Tuesday it felt like +8C (approx. 46F), which is nice and pleasant for this time of year. We took Cooper for a nice walk after work and he could actually enjoy it since it wasn’t too cold. By Wednesday…it felt like -26C (approx. -14F). My winter coat, scarf, mitts, and hat were back…again.




I want to feel warm sun on my face.


I want to be able to wear sandals and keep socks for special occasions and the gym. I want to play outside, have dinner outside, enjoy a glass of wine…outside.


As someone who has spent her entire life in the northern hemisphere, you’d think I would have embraced winter by now. Nope. The only thing I enjoy about the cold months is the opportunity to wear my robe more often (it’s big and thick, so often too warm to wear in the middle of the summer).

I dream of winters being spent in a warmer climate…

Southern California anyone?


Here come the magazines!


This is also the time of year when magazines become FILLED with articles and and surefire ways to get ready for the summer. Want a beach body? This magazine will show you exactly how! Want to have arms that look sculpted? Be sure to read the article and follow the instructions from this magazine! And as summer gets closer, the articles get even more time sensitive. Lose 10lbs in 10 days! Your 15-day plan to get shredded like the stars! 


Listen, I can tell you from YEARS of personal experience that 99.9% of these don’t work. Wait, let me rephrase that. They do work. But, they will make you miserable. And the minute you finish, you’ve got to immediately start on a new one or you’ll gain the weight back the moment you go back to eating “normally” again.


Have I seen some fantastic training programs pop up in magazines? Most definitely, especially in recent years in magazines like Strong and Self. Unfortunately, the vast majority of magazines targeted at teenage girls and women advocate for drastic measures, severe restriction, and distorted views of body image to sell their glossy covers.


I’m going into my 29th full summer (I was born in August, so I missed the bulk of that first one), and I’m slowly starting to get it figured out. I’ve spent 29 years perfecting this formula to get summer ready. The researcher in me is quite happy with the length of this longitudinal study.


Are you ready for it? These 4 things will ensure that you are ready and excited for summer!


The best 4 ways to get ready for summer: 

Buy a bathing suit. Wear the bathing suit.

Want a bikini? Then buy a bikini. Want a sexy one-piece? Hell yes, get that one too! Thanks primarily to the body positive movement, there are now even more bathing suit options available for all of the wonderful shapes and sizes that we women are. Buy whatever the hell you please and rock it, because its YOUR body.


Make plans to be outside as much as possible.

I don’t know about you, but my body is CRAVING some natural sun, warmth, and outside play. Hikes, runs, picnics, patios, beaches…all of these are being carved into my summer plans on multiple occasions. Walks in the rain are included too because we all know that a rain back-up plan is always needed…


Stock up on summer reads.

The bulk of my reading is going to be professional/personal development, so non-fiction. But I am going to have 1-2 solid fiction reads thrown in there. Time to start doing my research to make those purchases in time for my first blanket in the park excursion. Recommendations? Let me know over on Facebook or shoot me an email!


Get a pedicure.

After being cooped up in socks and neglected, my feet need some TLC. Nothing feels better than getting those feet summer-ready with a professional pedicure followed up with some bright summer nail polish. Spend the extra money to have it done once professionally, then it’s a lot easier to maintain yourself throughout the summer. My appointment is going to be booked for April 1st with one of my best girlfriends!

Zero quick fixes. Zero diets. Zero expectations to get that summer body by a certain date. 


I have spent YEARS trying to achieve that impossible standard every single spring. Aiming to get that “perfect” summer body in time, but always failing. Looking back, I realize that the only person I was failing was myself. I was failing to embrace where I was at right in the moment, even if I wasn’t entirely content with it. I can still aim to be a better version of me without the all to common side of self-hate and negative self-talk.


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