Want to Crush your Goals? Use These 3 Tips

Christmas is 7 days away. Which means that 2017 is 14 days away. Hard to believe that we are 14 days away from this year coming to an end. I’ve got another post coming that is more of a reflection of 2016 so I’m going to save most of my thoughts on 2016 for that post, but let’s just say it was one hell of an up and down year. The highs were extremely high, while the lows were almost crushing.


Right now, for those celebrating Christmas, we are probably all in the midst of last minute Christmas preparations. I know I am. Some last minute baking, present buying, wrapping…all to get done before this weekend when I make my yearly trek up to Sudbury to visit family. 2017, while on my mind, is not vey front and centre right now.


2 years ago I would be spending the time between Boxing Day and New Years scrambling to come up with as many goals and resolutions as I could, determined to make the next year THE year. The year that I would lose all of the weight, get my shit together, be kinder, be more patient, go on the trips, get the job, etc. etc.


How exhausting…


This time around, while I may not have determined exactly what I want for 2017 at this point (that blog post to come soon), I do have a few parameters I follow when it comes to making ANY goal or resolution. These keep me sane and help to ensure that I’m not setting myself up for failure a few months into the year.


My Strategies for Goals and Resolution Setting


In the MANY years that I’ve been making goals and resolutions, I’ve always fallen into a bit of a trap. I always wanted to lose weight, so I’d buy the magazines that promised fast weight loss without changing a thing (ha!). I wanted to do SO many different things that I’d make a whole bunch of different goals, not really taking into account the work and mindset shifts that need to occur with any goal.


Over the years, I’ve come up with a few “rules” when it comes to goals and resolutions. I hesitate to even say rules because they aren’t really that…more guidelines that help ensure I’m not setting myself up for failure in the new year.


Get out of your comfort zone, it’s the only way change is going to happen.

This is a big one. I love being comfortable, but I’ve learned that if I want to make any significant changes in my life, I have to get a bit uncomfortable. The area between comfort and complete overwhelm is the sweet spot. Where that is…that’s up to each of us to figure out, but it often means going through most of our days wondering if we’re nuts for doing what we’re doing.


Don’t fall for a “quick fix” diet that claims it will help you lost those last 10lb in 10 days.

Just…don’t. Trust me. I’ve done almost all of them. From Atkins to the “not eating past 5pm” to having cayenne pepper mixed with maple syrup first thing in the morning…I’ve tried them. They don’t work. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that. They work, but only for the first few weeks. And then, real life happens. We get invited out for post-work drinks and after sludging through most of January, we’re ready for a night out. Or we go on vacation in February to a warm, exotic destination (or in my case, SoCal, Las Vegas, and Arizona).

Don’t fall for these. They are not worth it. You know this. I know this. Let’s not buy into it.

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Don’t try to change everything at once.

We get super charged and motivated at the beginning of a new year, don’t we? We have all of these grand plans to change. But what often ends up happening is we try to focus on too many things at once. All of the resolutions we made seem equally important. So we end up feeling a bit scattered, not able to put our max effort into one goal but rather spreading out our limited resources into different areas.

While this is okay to a point, it’s also important to focus on the top 1-3 goals that you are ready and able to focus on this year. Perhaps you want to practice more mindfulness, get consistent with the gym, be more patient…these are all huge goals! I say go for 3 for the entire year, but focus on getting one figured out before moving on to the next one.

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