Move Your Butt – 4 Ways to Get Started When You Just Don’t Want Too

Our motivation is an exhaustible resource.

We all know that we aren’t motivated all of the time. In fact, motivation is often the thing that fails us first. So relying on it to keep us going won’t get us very far. The minute our motivation wavers, we’ll give up. And our motivation will waver for any number of reasons…didn’t sleep enough, the weather is getting cold, the nights are getting longer, got into an argument with someone, had a long day at work, etc. etc. These and plenty more are going to likely result in us wanting to veg out on the couch watching TV instead of doing something that we need to be doing.

There are days when it can feel like an uphill battle. Like we’re standing at the bottom of a staircase and wondering how we’ll ever get to the top. This is where you’re going to find 4 tips that I use on the regular to help get my butt moving when the motivation is just not there.

More often than not, once I actually get started, it’s easier to keep going.

Call a friend

We all have that one person who isn’t afraid to tell us to get moving when we just don’t feel like it. Just make sure you call THAT friend and not the one who is going to hangout with you instead of lovingly pushing you to get started. Share with that friend that you will need to lean on them for support once in a while and that you hope they can help push you in the right direction.

Remember why you’re doing this

Working out? Remember why…go back to your goals whether it be weight loss, body composition changes, or just an overall desire for better health. Cleaning/decluttering? Remember why…a simpler, cleaner space. Writing? Remember why…sharing your story with the world. Whatever it is, if you’re having trouble getting started, go back to goals. It’s something I talk about with my clients regularly, especially when they are struggling to make it in for their training sessions.

Start small

If the task you’re about to do just seems too big and overwhelming to start, then start smaller. Can’t bring yourself to go to the gym? Pack your bag and just go outside for a walk. Need to clean? Just do something small to get started. Often, breaking down a big project into smaller chunks makes it easier to get started.

Read up on what you’re about to do

When I was struggling to get back into the groove of writing, I opened up my computer and did some reading up on writer’s block and creative ways to get back into the “flow” of writing. When I’m feeling less than motivated about my own workouts, I read articles on different exercises and some science stuff behind the benefits of exercising.

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