It’s Time To Kiss The 21-Day Fix Goodbye. Here’s How.

It’s almost the end of January, which means that many of the 21-day fix programs have either ended or are just about to finish up. This is usually around the time that another influx of quick-fix programs and easy solutions find themselves on social media and popular magazines. If one program is ending, it makes sense to jump right into another one, right? Well, that’s what the companies and people running these short-term fixes are hoping you’ll do.


For someone that has been through most of these 21-day programs, I find it extremely frustrating to see so many of them STILL out there fooling women into thinking they will work for them. Nothing else did, but THIS ONE WILL!


…no, it won’t. 


It’s probably not the answer many want to hear, because the answer is that it’s going to take a LOT longer than 21 days, and NOTHING needs to be fixed. You’re not broken in the first place! Repeat after me. I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed. 


Simply put, the quick fixes don’t work because they are not sustainable. They might work for the 21 days, but once that ends, what’s next? Do we go back to eating the way we did before? If so, then chances are, the weight is going to go right back up again, possibly even higher. Do we keep eating the same way as when we were on the 21-day program? That likely won’t work for very long before our cravings and hunger take over, not to mention the fact that we have been exerting our willpower so much over these last 21 days that by the end, we just want a break.


These programs never give us long-term solutions, only short-term results. 


And dammit, we DESERVE better. We deserve to not have to obsess over our food. We deserve to not have to track every. single. flippin’ calorie we consume. We deserve to ENJOY our food. We deserve to love ourselves. Unfortunately, this side of the fitness industry seems hell bent on making sure none of this happens.


If we trusted ourselves, listened to our bodies, had lots of self-love, and enjoyed the way we looked and felt, then this industry wouldn’t have any business, am I right? We can only hope…


I’ve got 5 alternatives to these quick fixes for you today. Do they work? Yes. Are they going to help you lose excess body fat? Yes. Will they work FAST? No, but that shouldn’t be the point. If it is your goal, then you have to shift your mindset FIRST.


Eat your veggies

Eat your veggies. Seriously people. I aim to go for veggies I enjoy like peppers, cucumbers, and snap peas over carrots and celery. But I’ll eat those too if that’s all that is available. Fiber-rich veggies are going to help you stay feeling full and satisfied longer.


Prioritize protein

I’m not saying you need to eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight or anything, but make it a priority to eat more protein throughout the day. It’s a satiating macro-nutrient, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer.


Strength train. Lift the heavy things

This is the key to long-term health and to feeling sexy and confident. I can tell you from personal experience that hours upon hours of cardio will NOT do what a bit of strength training can do. Want to feel like the badass woman that you are? Lift those weights!


Eat until your full, but not stuffed

Do we even know how to listen to our bodies anymore? It took me a while to get here, but it’s worth it. This will do you more favours than any meal plan ever can. Our bodies are SMART. They know what they need, when they need it. Learning to listen to our signals of when we’re satisfied but not stuffed will mean you’ll be eating exactly how much you need to be.


Have the slice of cake, think about the second one

Want a slice of cake? Have it! This cycle of deprive, binge, deprive is vicious and tough to get out of. But as my biz coach says, #moderation365. It’s not sexy, but it works. Which is where the 2nd piece comes in. That first piece was probably delicious, who wouldn’t want more? But…take a second to think about it. Are you hungry still? Or is it just a craving? Is it FOMO over the fact that you won’t EVER SEE THIS CAKE AGAIN AND OMG I MUST HAVE IT!! Yes…this is totally an internal dialogue that used to happen in my own head, so if this is where your head is at, it’s okay…you enjoyed that first piece. Walk away and mingle with some friends or get yourself outside. There will be cake in your life again, I promise (unless you suddenly become deathly allergic to all things cake, in which case…I’m so sorry).

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