Are We Going Too Far The Other Way with Self-Improvement?

A friend of mine on Facebook recently linked to this great article by the New Yorker that I ended up sharing on my own feed. It struck a chord with me. Anyone that knows me well knows that self-care and self-improvement are my jam. I believe in it, I am passionate about it, and I […]

I Forgot My Shoes…

This morning, I woke up extra early. I walked the dog extra early. I made my lunch extra early. I got out the door extra early. I was going to get to the gym and have lots of time to workout! Going back to what I love has me excited about working out again. Today […]

6 Tips To Deal With a Shitty Day

I’m an emotional person. No use in denying that because it’s part of who I am. My ebb and flows of emotion are high and low…not much in the way of middle ground for this girl! As my partner has noticed…when I’m happy, the world knows and when I’m not happy, the world knows. I […]