My New Perspective on Work/Life Balance

We often hear of this pursuit of the ultimate work/life balance. The concept of making sure we are not burning the candle at both ends, and putting the “right” amount of effort into each area of our lives so that we have this feeling of being balanced in our lives.   I pursued it. I […]


Balance – why I don’t think it means what we think it does

Balance.  We say we want it, but what does it actually mean? When I think of balance, the first thought that comes to mind is the lady justice holding the scale…now this could be that I spent 3 years of my undergrad degree studying law, but a balanced scale, or equal weight is often the first […]

Is It a Craving? Or Hunger? How to Tell the Difference

One question I get asked a LOT by women is how to tell the difference between true hunger and a craving. Many of us have gone so far from listening to our bodies that we no longer recognize the cues.   In my case, I got so used to eating at certain intervals of the […]