Saying Goodbye To Powerlifting (But Hopefully Just For Now)

I’ve written about my chronic back injury before. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for years. I’m talking over a decade…I honestly first injured it while I was folding laundry back in 2004. Folding…clothes… (insert rolling eyes emoji here) Here we are, 13 years later and we finally have a diagnosis. If you were to […]

Move Your Butt – 4 Ways to Get Started When You Just Don’t Want Too

Our motivation is an exhaustible resource. We all know that we aren’t motivated all of the time. In fact, motivation is often the thing that fails us first. So relying on it to keep us going won’t get us very far. The minute our motivation wavers, we’ll give up. And our motivation will waver for […]

big rocks vs. little rocks

Big Rocks versus Little Rocks

More often than not, we spend too much time focusing on the little rocks…   When I start working with a new client, one of the first things I ask them to do is to write a list of what they are doing right now to work toward their goals. So if their goal is […]

Want Black and White? Your Best Bet is Grey…

So, we all want black and white. We want to know exactly how many calories we should eat to lose weight. We want to reach an arbitrary number in our head that will deem us good enough. We want to go to the gym exactly 3.75 times per week, and make sure we get exactly […]

Thinking of those New Year Resolutions? Read This First

2017 officially begins tomorrow! I can’t help but feel a bit excited when a new year is about to begin. I used to get caught up in the pressure of making so many goals and resolutions that I’d wind up having this LONG list of vague and unrealistic goals for the year. Some examples of past […]

Want to Crush your Goals? Use These 3 Tips

Christmas is 7 days away. Which means that 2017 is 14 days away. Hard to believe that we are 14 days away from this year coming to an end. I’ve got another post coming that is more of a reflection of 2016 so I’m going to save most of my thoughts on 2016 for that […]

Willpower is like a muscle…and it gets tired

When I think about willpower, I think about resisting the urge to press the snooze button in the early hours of the morning. I think about saying “no thank-you” to the offering of a pastry with my morning coffee at the local coffee shop. I think about the conscious decision to have a side salad […]

Letting Go of the Control Over Macros

Ever since I made the decision to not compete again, I have stayed away from any sort of calorie counting/macro tracking. For about 2 years, I tracked every single thing I ate. From breakfast to late night snacks, everything was calculated, accounted for, and evaluated.   If I wanted to “indulge” in something, I planned […]

Being Crappy at Something is a Relief

I was listening to Krista Scott-Dixon on the Fitcast Podcast yesterday and she said something that stood out to me (she said a lot of great stuff, listen to it here – episode 386 and 387): what if we were okay with being crappy at something? What would happen if there was an aspect of […]