5 Tips For Eating At Restaurants

Has this ever happened to you? You made a meal plan for the week and you’ve made it to Friday without veering off track. You’ve made it to your workouts and you’re feeling like you’re finally getting into the groove of eating healthier. And then the boss sends out an email inviting you and your […]

Saying Goodbye To Powerlifting (But Hopefully Just For Now)

I’ve written about my chronic back injury before. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for years. I’m talking over a decade…I honestly first injured it while I was folding laundry back in 2004. Folding…clothes… (insert rolling eyes emoji here) Here we are, 13 years later and we finally have a diagnosis. If you were to […]

Move Your Butt – 4 Ways to Get Started When You Just Don’t Want Too

Our motivation is an exhaustible resource. We all know that we aren’t motivated all of the time. In fact, motivation is often the thing that fails us first. So relying on it to keep us going won’t get us very far. The minute our motivation wavers, we’ll give up. And our motivation will waver for […]

The Case for Proactively Taking Care of Your Health

I used to only go to the doctor when I was sick. Or when something hurt. I would avoid those yearly check-ups, not because I was afraid, but because it was so inconvenient to drive all the way out there or to take time off work. And really, I felt fine, so why did I […]

Want Black and White? Your Best Bet is Grey…

So, we all want black and white. We want to know exactly how many calories we should eat to lose weight. We want to reach an arbitrary number in our head that will deem us good enough. We want to go to the gym exactly 3.75 times per week, and make sure we get exactly […]

Getting Back Into It

Something has shifted for me in 2017, and I’ve been having a bit of an internal battle about it. Although Nick actually saw this battle play out yesterday morning, which must have been so confusing for him at 5am. I’m placing a higher value on the time I have in the morning before work. That […]

4 Ways To Beat The Lunchtime Slump

It’s lunchtime! A break from the daily tasks of work, a chance to rest and recharge. Oh, wait, there’s a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I still watch it, don’t judge!), I deserve a break to watch that. And it’s 42min long, just long enough for me to get my lunch and get back […]

It’s Time To Get Off The Track For Good

I used to go through these different phases. I’d set myself up on a new workout regime, a new meal plan, and a new routine. I’d get myself super pumped up, and tell myself that THIS was it. This was the routine and meal plan that was going to work. This was the one I […]

Is It a Craving? Or Hunger? How to Tell the Difference

One question I get asked a LOT by women is how to tell the difference between true hunger and a craving. Many of us have gone so far from listening to our bodies that we no longer recognize the cues.   In my case, I got so used to eating at certain intervals of the […]

3 Ways to Break the Cycle of “Earning” Food

With my Anti-Bedtime Binge Framework E-Course starting this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about cravings and earning our food –> http://melissastaddon.com/abb-framework/   ALL OF THE TREATS! Not to mention, as the holidays get closer, I start to see this influx of blog posts, articles, coaching programs, etc. etc. that warn of the impending doom that is […]