Holiday Party Season Is Coming…

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Whether it’s work, your partner’s work, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, events held in your city/town, etc. etc., the social calendar starts to fill up pretty quickly. When I did a google search on “tips for surviving holiday parties” the majority of the articles focused on diet and alcohol. And you […]

3 Ways to Break the Cycle of “Earning” Food

With my Anti-Bedtime Binge Framework E-Course¬†starting this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about cravings and earning our food –>¬†   ALL OF THE TREATS! Not to mention, as the holidays get closer, I start to see this influx of blog posts, articles, coaching programs, etc. etc. that warn of the impending doom that is […]

Tasty Tuesday

For the Easter long weekend, we went to visit my parents. They live about 2.5hrs away in the country and I always enjoy going to visit. It’s quiet, relaxing, and far enough outside the city to feel like I’m on a mini-vacation. My mom was making a delicious turkey dinner on Sunday, so I offered […]

Working Out Over The Holidays

During the holiday season, I start to see an influx of social media posts/articles/blogs about “surviving the holidays.” Suggestions range from holiday workouts to help counter the binging that will occur later to embracing the holiday indulgence and getting started in the new year. Some will post pictures of themselves at the gym with a […]

(Merry?) Christmas

The tree is up. The Christmas music is on. The Christmas movies and shows are on repeat. The presents have been purchased…not wrapped, but at least they’ve been bought. Hell, even the festive smelling candles have been lit. There is no snow. Money is tight. I’m too old to get a stocking now (okay, silly, […]