Is Alone Really Such A Bad Thing?

What do you think of when you think of the word lonely? Loneliness is often considered a negative feeling. It’s one of the many reasons why social media, texting, etc. are as popular and prolific as they are…it allows us to not feel lonely. Even as I sit at this coffee shop writing this blog […]

I Forgot My Shoes…

This morning, I woke up extra early. I walked the dog extra early. I made my lunch extra early. I got out the door extra early. I was going to get to the gym and have lots of time to workout! Going back to what I love has me excited about working out again. Today […]

Need to Recharge Your Internal Batteries?

One of my closest, dearest, longest (actually THE longest) friends visited this past weekend. I have known this woman since we were 3 years old, so we’re going on 27 years of being part of each other’s lives. She has always lived down the street from my grandparent’s place, and I would visit every summer. […]