Resentment Is 50% Our Fault

I am a recovering people pleaser. True story, I used to buy my classmates bags of chips and candy from the school cafeteria in an attempt to get them to like me more. I laugh about it now, but thinking back, my understanding of personal boundaries was non-existent for the better part of my youth […]

Do You Trust Yourself?

Trust, at least when it comes to others, is one of those things that can be difficult to build and extremely easy to lose. But can the same be said for self-trust, that is, in the trust we have in ourselves? “Self-trust is the first secret to success.” – Emerson It’s been said that self-trust […]

Saying Goodbye To Powerlifting (But Hopefully Just For Now)

I’ve written about my chronic back injury before. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for years. I’m talking over a decade…I honestly first injured it while I was folding laundry back in 2004. Folding…clothes… (insert rolling eyes emoji here) Here we are, 13 years later and we finally have a diagnosis. If you were to […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Empathy (and How To Get Better At It)

Empathy is a wonderful thing. It allows us to feel more connected to those around us. It is quite literally the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Can’t get much more connected than that.   For decades, scientists thought that we were self-interested beings. That we only went after our own needs […]

Want Black and White? Your Best Bet is Grey…

So, we all want black and white. We want to know exactly how many calories we should eat to lose weight. We want to reach an arbitrary number in our head that will deem us good enough. We want to go to the gym exactly 3.75 times per week, and make sure we get exactly […]

Winter Getting You Down? Why It’s Common and What to Do About It

If you live in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter right now. And while that may not mean cold and snow for everyone, it does mean less sunlight. December 21st was the day with the least amount of sunlight, and while it’s been slowly getting better, spring and summer sure do feel far away right now. […]

Getting Back Into It

Something has shifted for me in 2017, and I’ve been having a bit of an internal battle about it. Although Nick actually saw this battle play out yesterday morning, which must have been so confusing for him at 5am. I’m placing a higher value on the time I have in the morning before work. That […]

Thinking of those New Year Resolutions? Read This First

2017 officially begins tomorrow! I can’t help but feel a bit excited when a new year is about to begin. I used to get caught up in the pressure of making so many goals and resolutions that I’d wind up having this LONG list of vague and unrealistic goals for the year. Some examples of past […]

It’s Time To Get Off The Track For Good

I used to go through these different phases. I’d set myself up on a new workout regime, a new meal plan, and a new routine. I’d get myself super pumped up, and tell myself that THIS was it. This was the routine and meal plan that was going to work. This was the one I […]

Willpower is like a muscle…and it gets tired

When I think about willpower, I think about resisting the urge to press the snooze button in the early hours of the morning. I think about saying “no thank-you” to the offering of a pastry with my morning coffee at the local coffee shop. I think about the conscious decision to have a side salad […]