Easing Into 2017

I’ve noticed something during the first 1/2 of 2017. It’s been a bit…bumpy. I definitely feel more at peace and like I’m in a much better headspace than I was in 2016. And truth be told, 2016 for me was quite a fantastic year, but it still had more than its fair share of tougher […]

Thinking of those New Year Resolutions? Read This First

2017 officially begins tomorrow! I can’t help but feel a bit excited when a new year is about to begin. I used to get caught up in the pressure of making so many goals and resolutions that I’d wind up having this LONG list of vague and unrealistic goals for the year. Some examples of past […]

Want to Crush your Goals? Use These 3 Tips

Christmas is 7 days away. Which means that 2017 is 14 days away. Hard to believe that we are 14 days away from this year coming to an end. I’ve got another post coming that is more of a reflection of 2016 so I’m going to save most of my thoughts on 2016 for that […]

The Start of September = The Start of Routine

Being a student for so long (and working at a University) has made it so that September feels more like a new year than January 1st. The beginning of a new school year also marks the beginning of new routines and/or settling back into ones that fell to the wayside once summer hit.   For […]

It’s A New Year. What Now?

Over the last few days, whenever I’ve been on social media, I’ve mostly seen two types of posts: those who are making resolutions and those who are against them. I’m just going to go right out and say this: why does there have to be an either or? Why fight against resolutions and those that […]

2015 In Review

2015 was one of those years that I’m going to look back on and think: “that was a year of many tests, challenges, and personal struggles.” Now, you may be thinking, “wow, that sounds like she had a pretty shitty year.” In some ways, it definitely had its share of shitty moments, but hindsight is […]