5 Tips For Eating At Restaurants

Has this ever happened to you? You made a meal plan for the week and you’ve made it to Friday without veering off track. You’ve made it to your workouts and you’re feeling like you’re finally getting into the groove of eating healthier. And then the boss sends out an email inviting you and your […]

3 Ways To Make Your Meals More Satisfying

Have you ever fallen into a boring meal trap? I sure have, and it’s only recently that I’ve managed to crawl out of it. My meals were bland, boring, and definitely not all that satisfying. I was uninspired, and didn’t bother with any extra work when it came to my meals.   Plain eggs for […]

3 Ways to Deal With a Bad Mood

It happens to all of us at some point or another. We wake up and for no specific reason (that we know of), we feel grumpy. We find ourselves thinking about things in a negative way…often things that wouldn’t normally bother us are now bothering us. People walking slower than me? Better get out of […]

Are You Feeling Burnt-Out and Stressed?

We are constantly juggling multiple commitments: our career, our family, our friends, our personal goals. There is always something that we could be doing next, another task on the to-do list that can be done. I’m a planner, so thinking of the future is something that I am constantly doing…constantly thinking about what’s next.   […]

6 Tips To Deal With a Shitty Day

I’m an emotional person. No use in denying that because it’s part of who I am. My ebb and flows of emotion are high and low…not much in the way of middle ground for this girl! As my partner has noticed…when I’m happy, the world knows and when I’m not happy, the world knows. I […]